Mauritius has always appealed to foreign professionals willing to apply their expert skills and talents to the technology and innovation, information and communication, healthcare, tourism, finance, trade and real estate sectors.

Subsequently, the government has opened the job market to foreign students who have completed their tertiary education on the island. They are eligible for a maximum three-year Occupation Permit, based on the duration of their employment contract.

Coming home

The Mauritian diaspora is an untapped asset essential to the growth of the island economy. The Mauritian Diaspora Scheme is a government initiative that incentivises them to come home. Furthermore, if these individuals were living and working off the island prior to March 24, 2015, they can apply to be registered as “professional” or “self-employed” under this scheme.

The incentives are summarised below:
  1. 10-year tax break from the financial year that they return to Mauritius
  2. No excise duty payable on a car bought in Mauritius or abroad (maximum MUR 2m)
  3. No customs duty or VAT payable on household and personal effects
  4. No registration duty payable on the first purchase of a residential property under the Smart City Scheme or the Property Development Scheme
  5. Successful applicants who are not Mauritian citizens may apply for a Permanent Residence Permit.

Investment and property scheme in Mauritius